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Dating back to the 16th Century, The Red Lion is steeped in history and indeed we once played host to a most royal guest.

In 1646, King Charles I cut his hair short and disguised as a servant fled from Oxford to join the Scot's at Southwell. One of his companions wrote that on Monday 27th April "At one Mr Teasdale's House a tavern at Hillingdon we alighted and stayed to refresh ourselves between 10 & 11 of the clock and there stayed 2 or 3 hours".

Today, with traffic hurrying by on the main road, many people fail to realise that the Red Lion is that remote tavern which sheltered the fugitive King. In the bar you'll find an account of his flight along with a real sense of Great British history.

Steeped in history at every turn, The Red Lion Hotel even has part of the great wall of London visible in the car park.